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Mindfulness Redefined for the Modern Student

From Chaos to Calm, Transform Your Classroom with My Mindful Class 

Are You Overwhelmed Searching for Age -Appropriate Mindful Resources?

Unfortunately, it's a common story...

Dedicated educators like you spend unnecessary and minimal free time, searching for age appropriate mindful classroom resources, activities, and lesson plans suitable for your students.


But too often, these resources are outdated, and lack real world context that leave your students more puzzled about mindfulness than ever before.

Introducing My Mindful Class Online Program

Say Goodbye to Confusion and Hello to Clarity

My Mindful Classroom Mindful Tools
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My Mindful Class Virtual Study Rooms


My Mindful Class Student Affirmations


My Mindful Class Program Overview
My Mindful Class SEL Student Lessons

My Mindful Class Program

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Classroom Mindfulness Tips

My Mindful Class Online Program is here to help you say goodbye to expensive, one-size-fits-all SEL Lessons.

We've meticulously crafted a comprehensive online program that includes:

Mindful Lesson Plans for the Classroom
Mindful Lesson Plans for the Classroom
Mindful Activities for Students
Mindful Activities for Students
Positive Affirmations for Students
Positive Affirmations for Students
My Mindful Class High School Student Program

Mindfulness that Resonates with
Every Student

Our program isn't just a random collection of yoga poses and breathing exercises. We understand the embarrassment and reluctance students can feel with activities that don't resonate with them.

Our Online Mindfulness Program is

From lower elementary to high school, our content is specifically tailored to suit the developmental stage of your students.

Relatable & Practical:
We ensure that mindfulness is taught in a way that excites students and is applicable in their daily lives.

Inclusive & Engaging:
Our activities are designed to be inclusive, ensuring every student feels comfortable participating.

Mindfulness for Students Middle School

No More Wasted Free Time.
No Confusion.
Just Mindful Learning.

With My Mindful Class, embrace a seamless, meaningful, and enjoyable mindfulness education program.

Say goodbye to the frustration of finding and creating resources and welcome a new era of engaged, mindful students.

Ready to transform your classroom?

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