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My Mindful Classroom

Cultivating Tomorrow's Inspiring Leaders, by Creating Mindful & Modern Learning Atmospheres Today.

Positive Affirmations for kids

Our Goal

Mindfulness practice makes classrooms and schools even safer and more positive environments for learning.

Who We Are

My Mindful Class is pioneers in transforming traditional mindfulness practices into a vibrant, engaging journey, tailored specifically for students.

At My Mindful Class 

Our mission is anchored in the fundamental belief that every student possesses an innate potential to thrive and excel. Our approach to Mindfulness and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is designed to empower students to discover and harness the power of their own minds.

In a world bustling with diverse perspectives and ever-changing dynamics, we stand committed to a singular, unifying goal: to equip children with the tools and skill sets essential for understanding the transformative power of their thoughts and emotions. Our curriculum is crafted, free from political biases, specific values, or prescribed views. We believe in the richness of diversity and the unique journey of every individual student.













Our approach is centered around the student - learning to be the best they can be, not according to external standards, but aligned with their personal dreams and aspirations. We emphasize that the quality of thoughts one nurtures is a gateway to achieving one's dreams and living a fulfilling life. 


Through our carefully structured mindfulness and SEL lessons, we aim to cultivate a mindset in students that is rooted in self-belief, resilience, and inner peace.

At My Mindful Class, we recognize that each student is a reservoir of untapped potential, equipped with qualities that can shape them into whatever they aspire to be. Our mission is to ignite this realization within every student, fostering an environment where self-confidence flourishes and a state of inner peace is achieved. We are dedicated to guiding students on a journey of self-discovery, where they learn to appreciate their intrinsic worth and the boundless possibilities that lie within them.

You Can do Great Things Positive Affirmations

In essence, our mission is not just about imparting knowledge; it's about sparking transformation.

It's about guiding young minds to believe in themselves, embrace their individuality, and navigate life with a sense of purpose and serenity.


Why Choose My Mindful Class? 

We've broken the mold of traditional mindfulness teaching. Our methods and innovative approach are fresh, interactive, and, most importantly, fun!

Student-Centric Design
 Every part of our program is built with the student's perspective at the forefront, making mindfulness something they look forward to.

Real-Life Skills
 We focus on equipping students with practical mindfulness skills that they can apply in their daily lives, fostering both personal growth and academic success.

My Mindful Class Teacher

At My Mindful Class, we are committed to nurturing a generation that is not only academically proficient but also emotionally intelligent, socially responsible, and self-assured – ready to make their mark in the world with confidence and clarity.

That's why we've REIMAGINED the way mindfulness is taught

My Mindful Class Study Room

Interactive Digital Tools

Say goodbye to monotonous breathing exercises, yoga poses and students feeling embarrassed in front of their peers. Our program includes interactive digital tools that make learning mindfulness feel like a fun game.

Positive Affirmations for Students

Tailored for Students

Each aspect of our program is crafted with students in mind, ensuring that every lesson is age-appropriate, engaging, and relevant to their everyday lives.

Mindfulness Coloring Pages for Kids

A Lifelong Journey

We're not just teaching techniques; we're nurturing a lifelong journey of mindfulness application that students can carry with them into adulthood

Our Promise to You

Join Us on This Mindful Journey

Our primary mission is to empower students, building a solid foundation for self-belief and the pursuit of their future dreams. We represent more than just an educational program – we are a movement dedicated to fostering a mindful future.

Join us and be instrumental in shaping this transformative journey for students. Embrace a world where mindfulness is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of learning, enriching the educational experience beyond traditional boundaries.

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