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Elevate Your Classroom with Captivating Virtual Study Rooms

My Mindful Class Solution to Transform Your Students' Learning & Study Experience immersed in a world of creativity, focus and calm.

Welcome to the Experience of Virtual Study Rooms

 a unique, fantasy-inspired environment designed to enhance your students studying and assignment completion experience. As a dedicated teacher, you understand the importance of creating an environment that is conducive to learning. Our Virtual Study Rooms are here to be an extension of your teaching, providing a unique and engaging backdrop for your students’ study sessions and group activities.



Whether students are tackling challenging homework, diving into a captivating book, or preparing for exams, our Virtual Study Rooms provide the perfect backdrop for deep focus and improved productivity.

Experience a Sample of the Virtual Study Rooms Below

Customizable Environments for Every Learner

Different Study Evironment

Each Virtual Study Room is a customizable sanctuary, tailored to students personal preferences. Choose from a variety of mesmerizing themes that transport you to different realms, all from the comfort of your desk or classroom. Ideal for use on smart boards to create a collective studying atmosphere, or for individual student immersion with headphones, these rooms adapt to your students learning needs.


Each student is unique, some prefer the sound of nature's whispering winds and chirping birds, or some students prefer the rhythm of soft melodic beats while studying.  Our Virtual Study Rooms cater to every auditory preference. The soundscapes range from the tranquil sounds of nature to gently pulsating melodies, creating an auditory environment that keeps students focused and calm while completing assignments or studying.

Nature's Symphony and Melodic Beats

Embrace the Power of ASMR for better Focus

Trigger Learning Mindsets

For an added layer of concentration, each room incorporates ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) elements. The subtle sounds of writing, typing, and the occasional shuffle of papers foster an atmosphere of shared productivity. These auditory cues are not just pleasant but are designed to trigger a learning mindset, making your students study sessions more effective and enjoyable.

Empower your Teaching with Mindful Technology

With My Mindful Class Virtual Study Rooms, your students are not just finding a place to study; they're discovering a new way to engage with their learning material. It's time to turn your study sessions into an enchanting journey of focus and productivity.


Virtual Study Rooms are more than just a background for studying; they are a tool to enrich your teaching methods and engage your students in a modern and effective way. By incorporating this mindful technology into your classroom, you’re not only enhancing your students' learning experience but also nurturing their ability to focus and learn mindfully.

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Key Features

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