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My Mindful Class Parent Resources

My Mindful Class
Parent Resources

With My Mindful Class, We Help Parents to Stay Connected with Their Child's Journey through Weekly Lesson Recaps.

Empowering Parents as Partners in Their Children's Education

Our commitment to transparency reflects our dedication to fostering a collaborative environment where parents are actively informed and engaged every step of the way.

We believe that a strong partnership between parents, teachers, and students lays the foundation for a transformative learning experience. That's why we provide comprehensive resources and regular communication to keep parents informed about their child's progress, curriculum, and opportunities for involvement.

Weekly Curriculum Insights for Parents

To support this partnership, My Mindful Class has developed a streamlined communication strategy designed to keep parents in the loop without adding extra workload for teachers.

Each week, parents will receive a comprehensive overview of the lessons and activities their children are participating in. 

Home Communication 
Extension Activities

Detailed Lesson Summaries

An overview of the week's curriculum, focusing on the core mindfulness and social emotional learning concepts being explored.

Activity Highlights

A glimpse into the engaging activities and exercises students will undertake, showcasing the practical application of mindfulness in their daily lives.

Learning Objectives

Clear, concise explanations of what students are expected to learn and how these lessons contribute to their overall emotional and intellectual growth.

Home Engagement Tips

Suggestions for parents on how to extend the learning experience at home, encouraging meaningful conversations and activities that align with the week's themes.

Teaching Mindfulness to Students

Ready-to-use resources keeping parents informed and engaged, 
creates a lasting impact for students

We understand that your time is valuable, and that's why we've created a suite of ready-to-use resources to streamline communication with parents. Our thoughtfully designed, pre-made lesson update letters save you time while ensuring that families receive consistent, informative updates about their children's educational progress.

These comprehensive lesson updates provide parents with valuable insights into the skills and concepts their child is learning, as well as suggestions for reinforcing this knowledge at home. By offering a clear, concise overview of the curriculum, our ready-made letters help parents feel more connected to their child's learning journey and empowered to support their growth.

Effortlessly Keep Parents Informed with Our Ready-Made Lesson Updates

Parent Letter SEL Lesson informaiton

Example of a Weekly Insight Letter for Parents to review what their child has learned that week within the My Mindful Class Curriculum 

We believe that informed parents are empowered parents. By providing regular updates on classroom activities and lessons, we aim to create a supportive community around each student.

This partnership is crucial for nurturing an environment where children feel understood, valued, and motivated to engage deeply with their learning.

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