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My Mindful Class Lower Elementary Students

Lower Elementary 
Mindfulness Program

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Solid Learning Foundation

In the formative years of education, setting a solid foundation for learning and personal growth is paramount. The ability to recognize the unique challenges and opportunities students are faced with in these formative years, set the tone for future educational years,


My Mindful Class Lower Elementary Program is crafted for students in kindergarten through 2nd grade. This student program is rooted in the understanding that the early years are not just about academic learning, but also about nurturing emotional and social intelligence skills that will last a lifetime.

Virtual Calm Spaces for Your Classroom

Students Learning Mindfulness Early Education

Say Goodbye to Expensive
One-Size-Fits-All Solutions

Forget about spending hundreds of dollars on disjointed lesson plans that don't meet your classroom's unique needs.


My Mindful Class offers a cost-effective, dynamic, and engaging solution, with the freedom to cancel at any time.


Our modern, student-friendly content, is designed to resonate with today's learners, ensuring mindfulness is taught in a way that excites and empowers.

At the heart of the Lower Elementary Program, are core concepts designed specifically with young learners in mind.

SEL Lessons for Students My Mindful Class

K-2 SEL Lessons

Our lessons are carefully crafted to introduce kindergarten through second-grade students to essential social-emotional learning (SEL) concepts in a fun and engaging way. By starting with a strong foundation in SEL during these early years, we help children develop the skills and knowledge necessary to foster lifelong well-being and success in their personal and academic lives.

Program Options Designed with You in Mind

Under $7 monthly, you can effortlessly create a safer, more focused classroom environment, where students thrive with My Mindful Class.

Our commitment is to support you in nurturing the next generation, without the stress of financial or unnecessary classroom implementation hurdles.

My Mindful Class Affordable Options

My Mindful Class Program

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