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SEL Curriculum and Mindfulness for Students

SEL Curriculum
and Mindfulness 

Empower Students with Evidence Based Mindfulness Principles & Social Emotional Skills for a  Healthy Lifestyle

Discover the Power of
My Mindful Class Curriculum

Empower your students with social-emotional learning (SEL) through our carefully designed Curriculum. Our comprehensive program is divided into five units, each focusing on a crucial SEL concept to foster personal growth and well-being.

These lessons are age-specific to ensure that students receive the most relevant and impactful content, tailored to their developmental stage.

5 Comprehensive SEL Units based
around Core Competencies

Self- Awareness Unit

Self- Management Unit

Responsible Decision Making Unit

Social Awareness Unit

Relationship Skills Unit

Teaching Mindfulness to Students

Tomorrow's Leaders with Comprehensive
Age Appropriate
SEL Curriculum Framework

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Structured for Success

Each unit consists of 4 thoughtfully crafted lessons, providing a step-by-step approach to understanding and applying SEL principles. With five engaging activities per lesson, your students will embark on a 20-minute journey of self-discovery and growth, ensuring that learning is both manageable and impactful.

Themed Lessons

SEL Lessons for Teachers My Mindful Class

Lesson Video

To enhance the learning experience, each lesson comes with a captivating video that introduces and explains the SEL concept and lesson objectives. These videos are designed to make the learning process both enjoyable and effective. The engaging visuals and relatable content of the videos help students connect with the SEL concepts on a deeper level, increasing their understanding and retention of the material.

Activity Plan

Our comprehensive and well-organized curriculum is designed to make lesson planning a breeze. Each activity comes with a detailed instructional sheet, saving you valuable time and effort in preparing for your classes. The activity plans are carefully crafted to be cohesive, with each activity building upon the previous one, ultimately culminating in a meaningful and impactful lesson.


To further support your teaching efforts, we provide pre-made worksheets for each activity. These worksheets are designed to perfectly complement the activity plans, ensuring consistency and cohesiveness throughout the lesson. By using our pre-made worksheets, you can save even more time and effort in lesson preparation, allowing you to focus on delivering engaging and impactful lessons to your students.

Family Letter

We understand the importance of involving families in their child's social-emotional learning journey. That's why each lesson in the My Mindful Class Curriculum comes with a pre-made communication letter designed to keep parents and guardians informed about what their students are learning in class. These letters provide a clear and concise overview of the SEL concepts and skills covered in each lesson, empowering families to reinforce and support their child's growth at home

Time Efficient and
Teacher-Friendly Design

Most activities in the Lesson are 15 - 25  minutes and include video tutorials and explanations, significantly reducing prep time for teachers. These resources provide clear instruction, making the lessons easily comprehensible for both educators and students.

Engaging, Relatable, and Foundation-Building

The lessons are not just informative but are designed to be highly engaging, helping students to relate the learning to their own lives, situations, and relationships. We focus on building a solid foundation of healthy interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, equipping students with a toolkit of resources they can carry through life.

Transformative Learning for a Brighter Future

Join us in embracing this innovative approach to education. With My Mindful Class's Lessons and Activities, you're not just teaching; you're preparing your students for life, fostering resilience, empathy, and wisdom.

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