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Upper Elementary My Mindful Class

Upper Elementary 
Mindfulness Program

3rd - 5th Grade

Navigating New Academic Challenges and Social Dynamics

My Mindful Class Upper Elementary Program is tailored to support 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders in all aspects of their learning and personal growth during these crucial formative years. Our comprehensive curriculum builds upon the foundation laid in the early years, taking a holistic approach that emphasizes both academic success and the development of essential social and emotional skills.

Through engaging lessons, interactive activities, and real-world applications, we equip your students with age-appropriate strategies and techniques to manage stress, build resilience, and foster a positive growth mindset. Our research-backed approach enhances academic performance, improves social skills, and boosts emotional intelligence, empowering your students to navigate their educational journey with confidence and resilience.


Invest in your students' future with My Mindful Class Upper Elementary Program. Our research-backed approach has been proven to enhance academic performance, improve social skills, and boost emotional intelligence – all essential components for success in the 21st century. 

A comprehensive curriculum designed to empower 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders with the essential skills and strategies they need to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

My Mindful Class Student Reflection Notebook

Ever Evolving Content to Keep Your Classroom Engaged

Interactive Lesson Plans and Lesson Videos

Jump into our vast collection of lesson plans, activities and videos that make learning about mindfulness fun, engaging, and accessible. Our content is crafted by evidence based studies to ensure your students not only learn the concepts, but also apply mindfulness in their daily lives.

Continuous Updates with New Lessons and Resources

My Mindful Class is continually growing, with new lessons, affirmations, and resources being added and updated regularly. This means your classroom stays fresh with the latest in mindfulness education, keeping your students engaged and excited to learn.

Comprehensive Worksheets and Age-Appropriate Content for K-12

Our worksheets and curriculum are tailored to be age-appropriate for all students, ensuring relevancy and connection across grade levels.

Calm Spaces, and Daily Affirmations

Enhance your students' learning experience with our unique virtual spaces for study focus and mindfulness practice, alongside daily affirmations to inspire and promote a peaceful environment for all.

Essential Life Skills

Through engaging lessons, interactive activities, and reflective exercises, My Mindful Class Upper Elementary Program fosters the development of essential life skills. Our focus is on nurturing self-awareness, empathy, and resilience, empowering students to understand and manage their emotions effectively. By developing strong social and emotional intelligence, students are better equipped to handle challenges, build positive relationships, and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

Our program is designed to complement and enhance the academic curriculum, providing students with a well-rounded educational experience. We believe that by supporting the whole child - academically, socially, and emotionally - we set the stage for a lifetime of learning, growth, and success.

SEL Student Lessons My Mindful Class
Mindful Students Classroom Learning

Say Goodbye to Expensive
One-Size-Fits-All Solutions

Forget about spending hundreds of dollars on disjointed lesson plans that don't meet your classroom's unique needs.


My Mindful Class offers a cost-effective, dynamic, and engaging solution, with the freedom to cancel at any time.


Our modern, student-friendly content, is designed to resonate with today's learners, ensuring mindfulness is taught in a way that excites and empowers.

Program Options Designed with You in Mind

Under $7 monthly, you can effortlessly create a safer, more focused classroom environment, where students thrive with My Mindful Class.

Our commitment is to support you in nurturing the next generation, without the stress of financial or unnecessary implementation hurdles.

My Mindful Class Affordable Options

My Mindful Class Program

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